Zhangereyeva Gulmira - Chairman of the Board

Zhangereyeva Gulmira has graduated with a diploma in general medicine at Aktobe State Medical Institute in 1994. She began her career as an epidemiologist in the department for the prevention of nosocomial infections, SES Aktobe.

- 2002 to 2003: Chief Sanitary Doctor of TPK Dina LLP in Aktobe.

- 2003 to 2005: Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the medical part of the Atyrau Railway Hospital.

- 2005 to 2012: Head of NGO Association of Independent Medical Experts of Astana.

- 2012 to 2017: Head of the Center for Assessment of Knowledge and Skills of the Republican State Enterprise "Republican Center for Health Development" of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As part of a master's degree program at the Open European Academy of Economics and Politics (Prague, Czech Republic), she defended her thesis on the topic “Assessment of Competences of Healthcare Professionals in the Republic of Kazakhstan” and received a professional qualification of “Msc-Pro in Management” in the specialty “Corporate governance in public health." She also received an MBA degree in Strategic Planning and Management at the International Institute of Economics (Prague, Czech Republic).

In 2018, she was awarded the Ph.D. at the University of Vysoká škola Danubius (Sladkovicovo, Slovakia), faculty of social studies, specialty “social work”, the topic of dissertation work “Effectiveness of the implementation of the assessment of competences of health care system specialists of the Republic of Kazakhstan and development of recommendations for its improvement”.

Advanced training cycles:

- Simulation training and assessment training, Parkway College, Singapore, December 2012;

- Training seminar "Innovative teaching technologies in medicine" Russia, Moscow, September 2014;

- Training in the USA, at the National Council of Medical Examiners (NBME) under the program “Workshop on Standard Writing and Workshop on Standard Setting”, December 2014;

- Training in simulation technologies in AQAI Simulation center Mainz, Germany, March 2015;

- Training seminar of the National Council of Medical Examiners on “Methodology for development of test questions”, USA, December 2017.

Zhangreeeva G.T. has the highest qualification category in the specialty "Organizer - Health". She is an independent expert in assessing the knowledge and skills of medical professionals.

Recognition and rewards:

For professional achievements in the field of health, selfless and noble work, dedication and love for the profession in November 2015, the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan was awarded the medal “Densaulyk Saktau Isinin Uzdigi”. The National Chamber of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been awarded one of the best medical managers in Kazakhstan. She was awarded with anniversary medals "Astanaғa 10 zhyl" and "Kazakhstan Respublikasynyn Tәuelsіzdіgіne 20 zhyl", a badge for professional achievements in the field of health care by the Almaty State Institute of Advanced Medical Studies. Noted by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan for her contribution to the development of the field of assessment of knowledge and skills of physicians. In 2014, the International Rating Union of National Business Ratings awarded G.T. Zhangereeva with the medal of "Leader of the medical industry."